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Optimizing preference card content


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PrefTech Operating Room improves the cost savings, compliance, and effectiveness of healthcare organizations by addressing inaccurate, missing, or poor information on physicians’ preference cards.  


Preftech OR origins

We believe that putting the right information in the right hands inspires groundbreaking advancements in healthcare, so we've created PrefTech Operating Room (PrefTech OR). 

In the United States, the majority of hospitals’ surgical preference cards have imperfect, inaccurate, or wrong information. This results in millions of dollars in waste, hundreds of thousands of hours of manual workarounds, and significant compliance risk.

The Preftech Solution

PrefTech OR provides administration, supply chain, and operations an unprecedented view into the utilization of surgical supply that results from physicians' preference cards. Along with a precise depiction of the problem, we provide a framework for rigorous intervention and accountability so you can fix your preference cards.





PrefTech OR displays supply usage on a by-surgeon-by-procedure-by-case basis. PrefTech OR sits between your EHR supply system and case management tools and reconciles what is on the preference card and how many times those items are used.


Using your hospital’s business rules, PrefTech OR makes recommendations to increase, maintain, or reduce the quantity of supply associated with a particular preference card. These recommendations are assigned to specific staff and can be accepted, denied, or paused.


PrefTech OR provides a framework for intervention and accountability. Leadership can monitor progress through the intuitive PrefTech web portal or mark actions for follow-up, which allows leaders to hold users accountable while driving sustained improvement.



Surgical supply remains one of the most influential cost drivers in today's hospitals. Inaccurate preference cards make the management of surgical supply costs impossible. By examining actual use data, PrefTech OR provides the insights necessary to base supply management on true need and cut costs in the process.


The Federal government has radically amplified its pursuit of waste, fraud and abuse in healthcare, costing the healthcare delivery system billions annually. Billing risk associated with mismatched surgical supply and preference cards presents a substantial threat to hospitals. By allowing hospitals to base surgical supply management on actual need, PrefTech OR adds rigor to supply management and alleviates noncompliance risk.


Studies by Cardinal Health found that an average-sized hospital can spend more than 10,000 hours annually restocking unused supply. Further, manual workarounds consume innumerable hours when physicians do not have the tools they need because of inaccurate preference cards.