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David Norris, MD, MBA

Be Aware of the Effects that Bottlenecks Have on Patients

Any service will have some downtime or wait time. It’s safe to say your office will encounter bottlenecks. A bottleneck is a part of a process that constrains or restricts ca...

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Amanda Akers

The Cost of Unused Supplies

Do you know the true cost of your unused surgical supplies? If you have worked in the operating room (OR) for any length of time, then you know the frustration of managing excess s...

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Amanda Akers

Preference Card Accuracy: The New Standard of Care

Preference card accuracy is quickly becoming a new standard of care in surgical nursing. While accuracy has always been viewed as relatively important, card accuracy was generally...

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Matt Boehm

Pref Cards and Staffing Woes

PrefTech is built upon the conviction that software is eating the world of healthcare. Prominent venture capitalist Marc Andreessen famously believes that “software is eating the w...

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Everett Chew

Dr. David Torchiana Joins PrefTech Board of Directors

“The PrefTech OR platform represents a much-needed breakthrough—one which reduces costs and improves the experience of doctors and nurses in the operating room. I look forward to s...

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