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Amanda Akers

The Benefits of Preference Card Management Software

Preference cards are an industry standard reference tool used to facilitate the surgical team’s preparation of a hospital’s operating room prior to a surgical case. They contain in...

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Amanda Akers

Employ Proactive Preference Cards for Better Operating Room Efficiency

We’ve talked at length about the myriad of issues that mismanaged preference cards cause for hospitals. From contributing to nurse and physician burnout and frustration to costing...

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Amanda Akers

6 Ways Preference Card Management Generates Hospital Cost Savings

When hospitals consider whether to invest in preference card management software, they naturally want assurance that it will provide real return on investment. Effective preference...

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Amanda Akers

Digital Preference Cards: An Insufficient Hospital Solution

Hospitals today are painfully aware of the numerous issues that mismanaged preference cards routinely cause. Because they are so difficult to keep updated, preference cards are all...

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Amanda Akers

The Roadblocks to Hospital Digital Transformation

In 2019, healthcare made Forbes’s list of top three industries in dire need of digitization. The inclusion of healthcare in such a ranking may come as something of a surprise. Heal...

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