PrefTech OR provides transparency and guidance to optimize your use of medical supplies. Multiple versions of our software accommodate different customers' needs and requirements.

PrefTech OR

How It Works

Implementation Kickoff

Upon kickoff, PrefTech creates an implementation and rollout plan including introductory meetings with your IT and perioperative teams and appropriate stakeholders.

Data Extraction

PrefTech provides an integration guide for your IT team, making data extraction quick and painless and taking just 40 hours of IT time.


During the go-live period, PrefTech provides training and education, completes data validation, performs a launch of the platform, and delivers a baseline assessment.

Post Install

Throughout your time with PrefTech, we will provide an executive report as well as best practice guidance from our team of experts. We will update you quarterly on your progress and regularly present you with new savings opportunities.



PrefTech’s Artificial Intelligence engine, Nightingale AI, takes your data and uses it to make data-guided recommendations.

Preference Card Management

Our Nightingale AI recommendations and flexible workflow make managing your preference cards simple and easy within the PrefTech Platform.


PrefTech’s Insights module provides you with data analytics that enable OR transparency.

How PrefTech Transforms Your Operations

Current Approach

  1. Lack of collaboration between various departments affected by preference card management increases spending, waste, and resources.
  2. Tribal Knowledge through word of mouth and handwritten notes results in decreased preference card accuracy.
  3. Little or no tools to identify opportunities for savings or standardization across service lines and facilities.

PrefTech OR’s Solution

  1. Prefetch’s platform creates a flexible workflow to accommodate your facility’s individual needs by providing role-based access.
  2. Data-driven recommendations make editing your preference cards simple, quick, and accurate.
  3. Our Item Swap, Card Comparison, and Projects tools promote costs savings and standardization opportunities.

Feature Comparison

Or Lite

OR Lite provides a preliminary solution with your data.

OR Lite provides an overall assessment of your facility’s current preference card status.  This platform generates analysis that helps you better understand and begin the process of optimizing the operating room. PrefTech will deliver a baseline and opportunities report to help you prioritize the opportunities for your specific facility.


OR Platinum


OR Platinum

OR Platinum provides an advanced solution that includes PrefTech OR Recommendations. The PrefTech OR Platinum version is an expanded version of our OR Lite product. This version includes OR Lite capabilities as well as the Nightingale AI recommendations, an increased number of user seats, and our self-service admin tool to maximize your value.

Product Comparison