PrefTech’s software and client success teams partner with you to provide a preference card management solution to maintain and optimize your operating room and medical supplies.



Inter-Departmental Collaboration

The PrefTech platform brings physicians, nurses, supply chain, and executives together to collaborate in one platform. Our software creates transparency among these departments to easily allow for editing and optimizing preference cards.


Preference Card Optimization

Our AI-generated recommendations make preference card maintenance and optimization simple and effortless. Along with the recommendations, PrefTech OR provides guidance based on your data that allows you to confidently accept or reject the recommendation.


Standardization and Savings

Within the platform, we provide tools that allow your team to evaluate the medical supplies utilized in procedures. Our Card Comparison, Project, and Item Swap tools allow you to maximize your standardization and savings potential.

Data Services


UNSPSC Categorization

Upon request, PrefTech can quickly categorize your system’s Item Master. Our AI identifies and categorizes your medical supplies in the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code taxonomy. This tool has helped many of our customers accelerate their internal reporting projects.


Item Master Transparency

PrefTech brings visibility to duplicate items, lost usage documentation, and hidden return rates. This information is often lost between the cracks of an inventory management system and an EMR / EHR. PrefTech bridges both the technologies and the organizations to uncover latent opportunity.

Training & Support



Training covers the features and benefits our platform offers. You will learn how to successfully navigate the platform with confidence and emerge from each session empowered to accomplish a customized preference card solution for your facility. In addition to ongoing training sessions, PrefTech provides a training environment and educational tutorial for all users.



PrefTech’s Client Success Team is composed of clinical and supply chain experts. Our team’s focus is to ensure your success within the platform and provide guidance to maximize value. PrefTech’s support consists of continuous live training, one-on-one working sessions, identifying projects, and reviewing quarterly opportunity reports.