Amanda Akers

How PrefTech is Enabling OR Efficiency without Added Screen Time

The Bad News: Exorbitant Screen Time Causes Nurse & Physician Burnout

Electronic medical records (EMRs) are indispensable in the medical world. A modern-day replacement for handwritten records, they capture accurate patient data, create detailed preference cards, and maintain critical information. Yet despite their undisputed merits, EMRs have an unfortunate drawback: they are credited with increasing occupational burnout for physicians and nurses. Research shows that most EMRs are difficult to navigate and rarely user-friendly. For every one hour a nurse or physician spends caring for a patient, he or she spends an additional two hours in the EMR. This exorbitant amount of screen time has contributed significantly to decreased OR efficiency and an increase in physician and nurse burnout.

A concerted effort to decrease physician and nurse burnout is especially important today, as the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a major toll on healthcare providers’ mental health in recent years. Thankfully, healthcare is increasing its adoption of software solutions piece by piece, and physicians and nurses are starting to feel the impacts of this technological advance: improved processes, increased efficiency, and decreased screen time. Healthcare facilities that want to take the best care of their staff should be taking every advantage of the available options.

The Good News: A Software Solution to Reduce Burnout and Increase OR Efficiency

Preference Card Management (PCM) software is fairly new to the healthcare industry, yet its adoption rate is increasing rapidly. Facilities that have acquired PCM software are witnessing significant improvements. Benefits include decreased nurse and physician burnout, increased physician and nurse satisfaction, improved OR efficiency, decreased waste, cost savings, and so much more!

The PrefTech team is proud and excited to be part of the push towards reducing screen time for nurses and physicians and the solution to the resulting burnout. Far from contributing to burnout, our platform takes just minutes of screen time a couple of times per month to make transformative improvements in the accuracy of preference cards. And our AI-driven software solution cuts preference card maintenance efforts to a quarter of the time that is spent managing them manually. As a result, nurses and physicians can use that time to focus on the reason they are in healthcare to begin with: the patient.

If you are feeling the strain of screen time burnout and are eager to improve the accuracy of your preference cards as well as OR efficiency and so many other downstream processes, then we at PrefTech are ready to help you! Do not hesitate to reach out to our team to find out how easy it is to decrease that burnout while taking advantage of all the other ways we help our customers. Why suffer any longer when the solution is at your fingertips?