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Meet Amanda, Vice President of Client Success

Amanda AkersIn early 2020, Amanda Akers joined the PrefTech team as VP of Client Success. She is an experienced clinician and perioperative business specialist who is passionate about fixing preference cards. Her experience serving as the Resource Director for HCA Northern Virginia, following a successful stint as an OR nurse, uniquely positions her to understand the needs of our partner hospitals and the staff they employ.

When asked about what specific aspects of her career helped prepare her for her job at PrefTech, Amanda stressed her time as an Operating Room Nurse. “I don’t think of myself as the VP of Client Success. The whole reason I started my career was because of my passion for helping people. At the end of the day, I will always be a nurse.”

Amanda’s time as an OR nurse taught her the ins and outs of the operating room. After three years there, Amanda found herself accepting a leadership position as the orthopedic line leader. It was in that role that Amanda first developed her talent for streamlining processes to cut inefficiencies, and more importantly, better patient care.

After moving back to Virginia, Amanda became the Clinician Resource Director for HCA in Northern Virginia. Amanda’s problem-solving skills coupled with her passion and care for others eventually caught the attention of Matt Boehm, PrefTech’s president and CEO. Now at PrefTech, Amanda works tirelessly to ensure that the PrefTech Operating Room platform helps hospitals to increase efficiency—whether that means working with the PrefTech technical team to develop new tools to better address the needs of our partner hospitals, or working with hospital staff members to maximize the benefit associated with using PrefTech’s software.

You could not ask for a more fitting person to lead PrefTech’s client success team. Amanda is passionate about quality patient care, she is focused on the individual, she has a deep knowledge of the operating room, and she has tremendous experience with hospital supply chain operations. In her current role she now leverages this background and expertise, on a daily basis, to help PrefTech clients deliver better care at lower cost.

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