Matt Boehm

Pref Cards and Staffing Woes

PrefTech is built upon the conviction that software is eating the world of healthcare. Prominent venture capitalist Marc Andreessen famously believes that “software is eating the world." This statement is intended to convey the idea that software is revolutionizing and driving every industry. Software is indeed disrupting healthcare and the pace of this disruption is accelerating.

We believe that all hospitals will inevitably adopt modern software systems to govern their operating room (OR) processes. This means that cutting-edge digital technology will increasingly manage complex items like surgical preference cards. Preference card workflow will be managed within software. Preference card inaccuracies and inefficiencies will be flagged by sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) engines. And preference card updates will be driven through sophisticated automation and collaboration tools. The siren call of progress (or the pain of mounting financial losses) will eventually impel every single hospital to adopt modern Preference Card Management (PCM) software to ensure preference card accuracy.

In years past, some health systems have resisted this siren call. One hospital executive might say, "the answer to my preference card problem is simply to hire more nurses and analysts." Another hospital executive might say, "my preference card inaccuracies are acceptable because my nurses all have a tacit understanding of what supplies to deliver to the operating room." These approaches are obviously unsustainable.

It is difficult to ignore the need for modern PCM solutions when you are short on staff and your workforce is increasingly transient. You cannot throw bodies at a problem when you have no bodies to throw—and you cannot depend upon tacit knowledge when a growing percentage of your team members are new or temporary hires. Every time you hear someone use the term “travel nurse,” it should remind you of the fact that modern PCM software is the only logical solution to the phenomena of preference card chaos.

Software is eating preference cards—and the PrefTech team is proud to be leading the healthcare industry’s effort to develop cutting-edge PCM software. If your hospital is short staffed or has a high number of temporary team members, please give PrefTech a call. The PrefTech Operating Room (PrefTech OR) platform is the PCM solution that you have been seeking.