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Verum Health Acquires PrefTrax

FOR RELEASE April 9, 2018

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Verum Health Inc. has signed an asset purchase agreement (APA) to acquire certain assets from BubbleUp LLC, including a healthcare software product known as PrefTrax.

PrefTrax is a leading Point of Procedure Management (PoPM) software solution that optimizes and maintains surgical preference cards. Perioperative professionals understand that outdated or incorrect preference cards produce supply waste, cause procedure delays, and increase patient risk. PrefTrax is a proven software product that offers the procedure-level support required to mitigate these issues.

Verum Health will assume responsibility for maturing the PrefTrax product and for delivering the software to Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) around the country who are looking to reduce operating room waste and enhance quality of care without altering physician practice.

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Matt Boehm
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Matt Boehm