Matt Boehm

Verum Health Becomes PrefTech

FOR RELEASE June 26, 2018

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Verum Health Inc. has officially changed its name to PrefTech Inc. The new name is adapted from the name of Verum Health's initial product, PrefTrax, which will now be sub-branded under the PrefTech name as PrefTech Operating Room. As part of the change, the company's website has been moved from to The name change comes after PrefTech has been operating for about three months.

PrefTech CEO Matt Boehm said that the new name draws attention to PrefTech's identity as a tech firm while continuing to emphasize the company's commitment to informing physician preferences.

PrefTech is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that reduces decision uncertainty in procedure-level healthcare. PrefTech's initial product, PrefTech Operating Room, optimizes and maintains surgical preference cards in order to reduce disposable supply waste and ensure surgeons have exactly the supplies they need before surgery begins.